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Mucci / Truckess Architecture: Robin & Joseph

Mucci / Trucksess Architecture & Interiors
Established in 1987. Our enthusiasm for architectural design is a culmination of the inspirational influence of our family histories, life experiences, education, architectural mentors, travel and the continuing exploration of design possibilities.

Joseph M. Mucci, A.I.A.
Born and raised in Connecticut. Joseph started working in construction at the age of fourteen. He developed a keen awareness and practical understanding of building processes and construction details. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Idaho in 1979. He graduated summa cum laude and also received an Alpha Rho Chi gold metal presented by visiting architect/instructor, Charles Gwathmey.

Robin I.M. Trucksess
Born in Boulder, Colorado. She spent most of her childhood traveling around the USA. Travel inspired an interest in the historical origins of houses, neighborhoods and communities. She got her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture at the University of Oregon in 1983. She developed an appreciation for the use of color, texture and layers of details as she studied the work of Green & Green, Charles Moore, Alvar Aalto, Denise Scott Brown, and E. Fay Jones.