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Mucci Truckess Architecture: Redmond Shaker Style -View Side Deck

    View Side Deck

  • Large glass doors and transom windows look through the deck towards an expansive valley view.
  • The truss at the deck roof is repeated several times in the main space of the house.
  • When descending the stairs, the exaggerated length allows a lingering view of the large, landscaped site in the foreground and Snoqualmie Valley beyond.
  • The cupola is internally lit as a lantern feature at night.
Mucci Truckess Architecture: Redmond Shaker Style - Exterior, Front Door

    Hallway and Stairwell 1

  • Heavy timber posts and beams frame the hall and stairwell.
  • Vertical grain fir is accented with black walnut in simple Shaker style woodwork. See Wood Joinery and Newel Post and Railing.
Mucci Truckess Architecture: Redmond Shaker Style - Kitchen / Dining

    Kitchen / Dining

  • Timber trusses include walnut pegs, steel tension rods and over-sized turnbuckles.
  • Hidden LED cove up-lighting illuminates the ceiling decking.
  • Finishes include custom Shaker Style cabinets with green soapstone countertops and splash; beadboard paneling and 48”farm sink.
  • Appliances include a 48” American brand commercial range; built-in, paneled Miele refrigerator and microwave drawer.
Mucci Truckess Architecture: Redmond Shaker Style - Hallway and Stairwell 2

    Hallway and Stairwell 2

  • Lighting is strategically placed to illuminate artwork and furnishings in a hallway gallery.
  • Daylight is provided from the cupola above. See View Side Deck.
Mucci Truckess Architecture: Redmond Shaker Style - Kitchen Detail

    Kitchen Detail

  • Spaces were designed to be accessorized by owner-built furnishings, such as this exquisite walnut topped Shaker style table.
  • Shaker detailing is repeated in components as large as the home’s timber framing and as fine as the walnut cabinet knobs.